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Daily Prophetic Word April 7, 2018

The Father says, When a child wants to be picked up, they raise their arms up to the one that they wished to be carried by. Today, I am coming to you to lift you out of the situations that seem too great for you. I am taking you into My Arms to give you the comfort from the howling winds that never cease to blow in your life. Rest assured, this too shall pass.

I Am your Heavenly Father who cares for you so deeply. You do not need to endure with that issue by yourself. Even when you feel it is by your own missteps, I will not leave you there to fend for yourself. Cast aside the feeling that you can or should deal with all aspects of life by your own hands. I did not place man on the Earth and walk away to see what would happen.

You were created to have an intimate relationship with Me. This is not for someday later on down the road. I am speaking softly to you right now, drawing you closer and closer to Me. Many look at this and think it is something to strive in. No! Just Be with Me. Nothing more and nothing less. I do not require a long list of religious rituals in order for you to be worthy of My Time. Just as Adam walked with Me, Just Come and Walk.

I have much to talk to you about. Are you ready to hear what I have to share today? I will never leave you without My Comfort or Words of Instruction. You are coming out of what has held you down. Pick up what you dropped for a moment, for we are moving on from here. I am closing doors rapidly in this hour, but the doors that are about to open will lead to abundance and overflow!

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