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Daily Prophetic Word April 5, 2018

The Father says, You cannot actually walk on water if you are really expecting to sink. I do not go by the laws of science or what is in the mind of men. If I am willing to change the laws so that you can walk wherever I send you, then you will have success everywhere you go. Set aside a mind that fears what men will do or what they will say.

I will place you before people who will give you favor regardless of who turns against you. Many may walk away until they truly see My hand surrounding your steps. You are not here to be concerned with what others may want or wish from you. I Am the only one who holds your future in their Hand. Who else could wield more power?

As you continue to focus on moving forward, you will notice My Voice and Hand leading you more and more. I have always been leading you but the distractions of life have kept you from seeing this at times. Others may not understand as you continue to ignore what I have not placed in your sight. They will demand you pay attention over here and over there. Do not be troubled for I still have you on the right course.

As I lead you, soon you will trust Me to let you run faster and faster. Feel the freedom from taking on more that is for you to deal with. Let those worries and burdens just fall off of you this very day. I know the future and you are walking into My Brightest Days for you. Stop listening to those who only speak gloom and doom. There are no such truths for My people to behold.

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