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Daily Prophetic Word March 29, 2018

The Father says, Consider the cost. Many think their endeavors on the wrong side of the street won’t catch up with them. They believe what they do is going unnoticed. I say to you today, that all will come before My Throne. Be joyful when this happens quickly instead of many years or decades later.

Consequences will indeed increase with greater multiplication the longer you continue in the wrong direction. When you walk in stubborn rebellion against what I have already spoken, you leave yourself completely open to the enemy. Many will scream for Me to save them, when the power is in their hands. Many more will blame everyone instead of themselves.

It is time for My people to put away foolish notions that you can live as the world and not be burned by the sin and lawlessness. When you plant bad seeds, you cannot expect a good harvest. You cannot say one minute that you are Mine and then exclude Me from the rest of your comings and goings.

Your time as a human is fleeting. What you do and say bears a great weight before Me. Is there no difference between the pagan and the saved? Be mindful that when I prune, I will address what you are poisoning your very own soul with. You can only reject the truth for so long before judgment is pronounced. You cannot hold the world and My Kingdom in the same hands!

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