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Daily Prophetic Word March 17, 2018

The Father says, Never stop your wonderment of all that you see around you. People will tell you not to ask questions or ask why, but I say that our relationship is open to what you have on your heart. I will not scold you or chase you away. Keep your faith and trust that I have your best in mind even while you wait for My answer.

There are times you will have to walk out the answer, and times when I will reveal the mystery. Do not get hung up on what is not clear today. Just keep walking towards My Light and Goodness. The enemy will try to use these moments as opportunities to shake your faith and trust so that you lose the Hope. Resist the temptation to agree with his lies.

If I would send My Only Son to free you of a debt that you could not pay, why would I ever hurt you? Nothing is in vain and nothing is wasted. Your pain and tears have not escaped My Sovereign Hand. I will settle all accounts that came against you unfairly. No one escapes vindication or judgment.

Let Christ be your Advocate in all matters. Do not spend your hours going over and over what happened in the day. Just hand it all over and keep moving on. In due time, you will see that issue resolved justly and swiftly. No, not everything will happen in the immediate, for I know when the best opportunity will present itself on the horizon. Remember that I am not just concerned for your salvation, but all those involved. Release and forgive now. Hanging on until you feel satisfied will waste many perfectly good days. You will overcome everything that is against My purposes in your life.

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