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Daily Prophetic Word March 11, 2018

The Father says, Feeling stuck? Sometimes that quick sand feeling is just Me keeping your feet still while I work out areas in your path. Struggling against the sand will only cause you to sink deeper. Seek Me as to whether you need to be rescued or pull up a chair and wait. Only when you become still will you know in your heart what to do.

I am calling you even closer in this hour. There are key spots that I want you to make connections with certain people at right junctions on your journey. These people will come in unlikely packages, but they will be exactly who you need in this hour. Turn away from judgmental eyes. Many of My people limit who they rub shoulders with due to religious mindsets. I am breaking you free of your social classes that you have become so accustomed to.

To be My disciple, understand I have called you to whom I have called you to, at this moment of your life. This picture will change, but you are precisely where I desire to develop your character. Do not care what others will think, for if they are truly for you, then they will walk with you. Do not look behind at those who choose to walk away. This is not for them, and you are walking into My Grace and Glory Realm at levels that reach the stratosphere.

The road will get rocky as you wrestle with your own belief systems. Look through these moments through My Eyes, and you will See what you need to. Greener pastures await you soon. New towns and villages you will place your feet upon. Some will have friendly faces and some will scowl. As you keep Seeking, Asking, and Knocking, you will find the hidden gems I have placed along your way. Explosions of My Goodness will befall you. Never give up for in the blink of the eye, the scenery will change and make way for pure Gold.

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