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Daily Prophetic Word March 10, 2018

The Father says, The Sun is setting on chapters in your life. Look how far you have come. You thought you would be swept away a few times, and yet I have preserved you even in the darkest of moments. Do not spend time in mourning or regret over what is behind you. Where I will place your feet will restore your soul with great joy.

Even when the reasons for certain trials are unclear, know that everything will turn out beautiful in the end. For I see the Beginning to the End. All of your days are written out. Rest when you sense you are becoming weary. Sometimes the very thing demanding your most attention is the one thing you need to place down. Pay attention to what is your responsibility and what is just draining you.

Many have felt that they have all of the people in their life that they need. I want you to open up to what I am doing in your life. I am sending you new faces. Listen and learn from them. You were not meant to travel this road without like minded people who are focused on My Will. Be gentle with your brother’s and sister’s in the Lord. I have not set you up to be in quarrels with one another.

The spirit of offense moves heavily. Pay attention that this snare does not envelope you. Decide in your mind each day that you will not be offended in the great and small matters that come your way. Release what you have against one another. Let Me be their God for I Am the One who knows if they are on the right path or not. I can adjust them, as well as, you from incorrect ways. I have not sent you as a messenger to all, but only to some. Know what I have asked of you, and do not take on what is not for you. You cannot find My Joy when you are chasing after destruction.

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