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Daily Prophetic Word March 9, 2018

The Father says, Rest in the Knowing that All things will work out for good. Belief is the Catalyst in your Life. When you walk in Disbelief, you are merely dropping My Promises on the Ground. Unbelief will rob you of your perfect potential in Me. Unbelief will stop My Desires from Flowing in and through you. Your Unbelief will even stop those sent to help you move to the next.

Today, Find that the Battle of Your mind has been won! I Am your Strength and I Am your Helper. Call Upon Me and I will deliver you from all that keeps you bound. Decide this day to walk in the Fresh Oil that I have poured out upon your journey. What was, is no more. You must chose each day what thoughts you will let rule your movements.

Be of the Kingdom and for the Kingdom. Put down pointless endeavors that only lead to dead ends in your life. Many are taking up causes simply created by the enemy to keep you stuck in an endless cycle of shouting. I have not called you to scream at the darkness. I have called you to shift the atmosphere.

Use what I have given you to draw people to Me. Shift your perspective on what you are called to do. I gave you purpose and not a road of chasing tails. Find that I am erasing what you are doing each day without Me. Let Go of what I cast aside. I will keep you busy with adventures so beautiful you will wonder why you ever bothered with the rest.

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