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Daily Prophetic Word March 4, 2018

The Father says, I grant you full authority just as My Son carried while on the Earth. Many would rather close up shop claiming justification from illegitimate voices. Did I tell you to stop occupying the Territory given to you? Many will get to Heaven with a basket full of uncompleted and abandoned assignments. How much further would the Kingdom advance if My people took their purpose seriously. The Earth has been in dark times many times before. Who shook the Nations and caused kingdoms to rise and fall by My Command? Will I not take you to higher levels when you choose My Ways and not your own?

Many consider themselves a good and faithful servant when in fact they are rebellious and wicked. If I give you endless gifts and anointings but you do little with any of it, was it not wasted in vain? When you take your last breath is when you can stop. Until then, your compass has not changed. I am not concerned with your news reports or rumors of war. I am not concerned with who is oppressing but with what My people will ask in My Name to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. When you lose focus on My Heart for the lost, you will lose the why surrounding your destiny.

Many have talked themselves out of anything and everything instead of just letting Me have the reins. I don’t need your resume, pile of trophies, or references. I will make you into a vessel who will carry what I placed on the inside to do and be. Stop striving to walk this life on your own efforts. I have endless amounts of resources, and I will strengthen you until your last days. Rest and Relax. Enjoy the journey. My Yoke is Easy and Burden is Light. Walk on water and then walk on the air.

What you see as your ceiling is really the platform you will walk upon. Release the outcome for I Am the way maker in your life. It is time for My Mature to walk in their seasons of unending Victory. The sky is not falling. I Am still on the only Throne that matters. No more excuses. Today, you will make a decision and stick to it. Your life has no room for double-mindedness. Be all in, for I am all in for you today, tomorrow, and forever. I will have the final say over your life. It is time. Let’s take the land together!


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