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Daily Prophetic Word March 3, 2018

The Father says, Those who mourn shall be comforted. Not all will want this honor, but I will bring those to you who will desire to be there through thick and thin. An unselfish heart will allow My Love to seep out even when one does not directly intend. It is your way of life, and what you do for one, you have done to Me. A beauty that never withers or dies. These moments are precious, and a heart that weeps for another is one that will sow without even knowing it.

Many are dealing with major life issues alone. I may ask you to be a friend to lean on for even someone you do not know well. Many will not choose to hear My Still Small Voice concerning those in need. You may even think that your needs are more important at this moment. How you move forward matters in ways that you will not see at the time. A second of inconvenience will make the difference more than you can imagine. I will not always tell you My reasons for any request from My Throne Room.

You must walk by Faith and not by Sight. I have you in this exact place in time for My Glory and Honor. If you are not willing to be available, I know someone who will be. Around each corner is a gift. Not every gift looks like it at first glance. Some will walk on by while others will take the time to shake it, out of curiosity. Who will open it? Are you looking for purpose or just trying to make it day in and day out? Many believe they are living life well, but it is far from the life that was bought and paid for.

Capture this life with the fullness and boldness that dwells on the inside of you. My best is not a representation of mediocre. If you ask for little, you will only find little. That has never been your portion. Religious minds will tell you to be happy with nothing. You have misunderstood all that I Am about. Open your eyes and ears. Closed hands will not accept that I Am A Heavenly Father who will give you blessings in All Areas of your life. If I give to one will I not give to another? Stop putting yourself in the box. I bless greatly even the pagan. It is by My Will and Pleasure to do so. A closed mind will exclude who I wish to include. All of My Creation speaks to My Glory!

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