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Daily Prophetic Word February 24, 2018

The Father says, Did you hit archive instead of delete? Archive allows for retrieval again and delete casts it permanently away, never to be seen again. Many will say that they have deleted, but in reality they have archived with the belief that they really will need this information later down the road. You are lacking trust and faith that I Am your Lord and will deal with all that comes against you.

It is time to come before Me with all that you are holding against and choosing to let linger in your life. I can rewrite all that went wrong in your storyline. It was not until Job prayed for the friends that did him wrong, that I blessed his life beyond imagining. Showing someone their list of offenses will do you nothing towards being set free. I saw it all! I know it all! I understand the whole story that is even hidden from you. How you perceive is not always truth.

Find that when you give Me the hard drive of your life, that I will wipe it clean and set the captives free. Your soul is captive to what you are allowing to dwell on in your mind and heart. The enemy controls you, and you believe you are in control. What you are holding over another is in reality being held over you through chains and bondage. You cannot prosper in all things, that I have sent My Son to die for, when you are keeping score and data from the past. The past is gone. Do not let it live in your present or future.

My Spirit is visiting you this night to release you from what you so willing absorbed into your existence. Hit the delete button and run to Me! For what has happened is being sent as far as the East is from the West. I will not take what you will not release. I will not take what you will not let go of for good. I will clear out the blockage in your life, and you will see miracles suddenly fall over your life. The days of holding up your blessing are coming to an end. I desire to give you favor, and only you can stop Me.

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