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Daily Prophetic Word February 4, 2018

The Father says, Many have walked through a season of bitterness that caught you off guard. It was not your way of life before, but somehow you were unable to escape the grasp of pain beyond imagining. I am coming to My People and removing this bitter root from your heart and mind. Hold out your hands, and I will take it from you. The enemy used others to give you that striking blow, but I am setting the records straight and giving you peace and joy once more. Do not turn around for your future is ahead.

In just a day, I can change days, months, and years of sorrow. I will wipe this slate clean and send you out with fresh purpose. I will restore what you feel was lost. I know what has happened, and I Am your God with Justice on My lips. Cast away your doubts and fears that history will repeat itself for I say it is finished. You will not travel down this road of angst again. Wipe the dirt off and prepare to dance again. I have not forgotten you in your hour of need. You have asked and placed your trust in My ways and not your own. I am proud of you, and all that you have endured will reap a beautiful meadow of love. I will not fail you.

Many do things without fully thinking about actions and consequences. What was done was not always meant for harm. I will give you revelation of what was unseen to you before now. I will stand up for you and fight this battle for you. Drop your weapons that you have prepared your day with. You will not need to strike another reply. I will shut the mouths of your accusers. I will even turn your enemy into a loyal ally. Your days of peace are right before you. What was your way of life is shifting into My way for you to traverse. You were made for more, and this is what you will find in this season.

Walk away from what is causing distractions for many desire to help you get off track. You will only end up going in circles if you chase after this. I have you on a narrow path right now and a time of transition. The hallway may have many doors, but only One is from Me. Do not get fooled into the wrong things. What I am setting you up for will look, sound, and feel different than all of the rest. In the still calm of your heart, you will know which way to go. I Am standing right before you. You will not fail because I cannot fail.

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