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Daily Prophetic Word January 28, 2018

The Father says, “Speak into the Void. Speak into what is not and call it into being. I give you Power and Authority over the land and sea. You are made in My Image and Carry the Same Power that Raised Christ from the Dead. Speak and you will be heard. Speak and watch change happen before your eyes. Do you believe? My Apostles struggled to believe at times as well, but they kept stepping out in Faith regardless.

This is your portion. Step out in Faith for I Will Show Up. Do not concern your day with who considers you a fool. Mockers will circle, but their mouths will become silent in due time. You were not placed in this moment of time to be ordinary. Many desire to only get by day after day until they pass on. I have never thought of you as ordinary. I placed within you a different seed, that when watered by My Spirit, will become extraordinary. You can move forward or stay where you are. I desire you to go forth.

When you think time is limited, you will only live in a limited world. I created Time, and when I say you have not reached your call and destiny in fullness, then change your mind about how you see time. I am not pacing while hearing the daily news. I know the Beginning from the End. I am not finished with My plans, and you are important to those plans whether you realize it or not. You carry My Light and Influence wherever you travel. Did you cover that up for a moment?

Now is your time to Shine for My Glory and Honor. Now is your moment to walk in the greatness that I have poured out over your life. Fill your heart and mind with the Optimism that I Am your Lord and Savior. I did not abandon you in the yesterday’s, and I will surely not leave or forsake you into your tomorrow’s. Your future is bright and packed full of Promise after Promise. Grab My Hand and let Me show you just how much life you have left to live for My Glory and Honor!”

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