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Daily Prophetic Word January 22, 2018

The Father says, Let it be water under the bridge. You are walking Higher not lower. Say to yourself, ‘I am no longer defined by what has happened. My destiny is still before me, and my future is bright, full of hope and great joy!’ Follow these words and all that has been, will wash over you never to be remembered again. Believe in your heart and mind, for tomorrow is your breakthrough if you so choose it to be. The powerful reins have been placed in your hands. Command the horses to ride fast and strong. We are regaining lost ground.

You must place down your torch of vindication and move forward. Your arm has grown weary from holding onto it. I have seen all that has happened, and I will answer that issue with My complete resolve. Don’t dismiss what I am saying! You are no longer to stay in this place. You are holding your own self back. Come up and get out of that gutter that you have held up as your home. I want to show you all that I am doing on your behalf in this hour. I will not keep secrets from those that have been seeking answers.

Things seen and unseen are coming together like a giant puzzle. The full picture is gaining clarity. In the next few weeks, you will understand situations you have been going through, on a whole new level, with revelation into the realms influencing your life. It is not My desire that you walk in darkness or wear a blindfold. I am removing all that is keeping you from knowing the forces and players working for and against you. You are learning to walk in spiritual maturity, and it is time to flex the muscles you have been developing.

New strategies are coming in these hours, days, and weeks. I will give you angles of approach for each and every issue, but these will not be comfortable for you to walk in at first. I want you to adopt what I am saying with the fullness in your heart and mind without hesitation. You will not need to sit and study, just accept and utilize these plans. What was meant to permanently disable your walk, will just be a mere pebble in your shoe. You will not be wounded, and you will rise up to victory.

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