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Daily Prophetic Word January 21, 2018

The Father says, Your love is stronger than you know. Even on your worst days, you have the ability to love through My heart and will, and not of your own efforts. I will give you what you are lacking, just ask Me. Wrangle up all of those difficult to love people around you and let Me show you more into My Glory before you. I Am the One who enables you to walk in peace and forgiveness. Your flesh will never answer this higher call for it will always seek to protect and cover itself. Do not see yourself as limited in how much you can love.

Love is a beautiful sacrifice in the face of an unloving response. Let your heart sing unto Me in your thoughts and actions. I will reward your choices to come up higher in how you interact with one another. You will reap the full benefit regardless of how the recipient responds to your gesture. What does not come easy initially will flow with My living waters, as I break that dam before your feet. Through your willingness to love, I will shift the atmosphere around to your favor. Those that had strife with you will drop their weapons. For even the Lion can lay down with the Lamb.

I will restore the dry and desolate lands. I will repay kindness with kindness. Never stop planting this good and hearty seed. I will multiply all that you do for My Honor. You cannot out give Me, so be free to unleash the boundaries you felt where there, but no longer exist in truth. I will answer those that are tearing apart their families. Those that think they are right in their own mind with justification will find that I come to their doorstep. Making false accusations against your family, friends, and community leaders will not stand in My courtrooms. I will answer the cries of the oppressed.

For even in the Garden, the serpent twisted My Word to incite man to sin and death. Those who are in line with the enemy in this hour will find that I strip them of their pride and arrogance. Through their disgrace, they will release those who they have held hostage with their false words. Evil cannot hide from My Hand of retribution. Let your hands and heart remain clean through your love of those near and far. I will bless you and keep you through your obedience for My Namesake. I love you so dearly. If you love Me, you will keep My commandments.

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