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Daily Prophetic Word January 9, 2018

The Father says, There are decisions to be finally made that you have held off in doing. I can manage any choice you do make except the one you don’t actually make. Sitting on the fence is not helping your situation. You must move forward. Even if your steps are misguided, I will shift you at the next turn. Do not let fear keep you stuck in limbo. You may be waiting on Me, but in reality, I have been waiting on you to just simply decide and move.

I know what you will eventually do, so let’s get this train moving again. I have so much that I desire to put into your possession. We need to leave from here. Soon the path will narrow and the choices will become clearer with fewer options. You have not gone outside of My Reach. I have heard your cries and seen your tears. I know what a struggle you have been under. I will bring brighter days to you, and you are nearer than you believe. What has been hidden is about to be revealed.

It is time to look up and not count the loss anymore. I am replacing and repairing even in this hour all that you have been seeking. I understand what no one else could. Your heart is My first priority. You are going to come out better and stronger than you can imagine. Trust Me, and I will make a way where there was no way. It does not matter who is chanting in the background for your demise. I will not let harm come to you nor your enemy achieve victory over you.

This moment is about to pass. New doors and opportunities are yours for the picking and taking. Let the past fade into the past. Where you are going will not reflect what you have been through. What once was will never be again. Shake it off. I will show you how. Your bags are packed and soon this land will be foreign to you. I have lands that will give you desires that you have only dreamed of. Your empty hands are about to be overflowing with My Goodness. It is time to dance and celebrate for the long season of trials is ending.

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