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Daily Prophetic Word January 6, 2018

The Father says, Feel the Shaking. What has come to your doorstep in evil is being cast into the abyss. Look Up for Your Savior is right before you. Those who wished your downfall will be tripped up by their own undoing. Keep your focus on what is good and righteous. You will not miss what I am doing in this hour. Just because the naysayers believe you are in the wrong does not make it so.

I will take you from Glory to Glory today and every day. You are not walking in less but rather walking towards My Best. What the sky looks like is not an indicator on the truth all around you. I will remove the blinders so that My Truth will be known. Let those dead in their works and deeds be cut away. I am looking for those with a true heart after My very own.

Some prefer to be stuck in the old ways, but I say break free of traditions that speak no real life into your spirit. I have much greater to place into your heart and mind that will release you from that which is only dead ends. Speak life; Believe in life; and Expect My Life to take you through all that you face today and every day. I will not cast you aside for I chose you.

Stick close for the road is about to turn to the left and then to the right sharply, but know that I have you in the Palm of My Hands. You will not lose your way or get off track. Things are picking up swiftly for the next 3-6 months. Assignments that seemed to not have a foreseeable end will suddenly come to a conclusion. You were not meant to stay in these chapters for longer than I intended. Keep your bags ready. We are changing scenery!


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