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Daily Prophetic Word January 5, 2018

The Father says, Forgive and forget these transgressions against you. As you learn to walk in the Light and Love, I will be able to use you even to bring your enemy before My presence. I will heal and restore what is broken. When you struggle to get past the wound, I will come to bring you the way out. Let Me dry those tears and show you just how special you are to Me.

You hold the keys that the enemy is desperate to stop. Through your heart is his only weapon against you. Pay close attention to the reason beyond all reasons why you are experiencing verbal attacks. The emotions that are being stirred up are the ones you will need to master under your complete control and authority. Make no mistake that others will take notice of how you handle these situations. Let your testimony rise high in the heavens.

No good ever comes when your emotions lead you around like a bridled horse. These issues that you are under are mere smoke screens to keep your mind and will off of the areas that are really important. If you fall into every pitfall and snare from the enemy, you will lose the traction and ground you are meant to occupy. Areas of your life will scream and look like the most vital aspects to deal with, but are they really? Many storms go away all on their own just as quickly as they appeared on the horizon.

They hate you because they have hated Me first. Even what is hidden is more visible than you realize. Brush off the negative words spoken for you are not defined by your enemies. I Am your Creator. What I say about you is the only truth you are to be in. For this is where I can use you; submitted and yielded to Me alone. Feelings are fickle. Just as the winds blew against you today, they will surely shift towards another tomorrow. Spend your energy on things that are everlasting for My Namesake. Do not get sucked into conflict that will do you no good in reality. For this too shall pass.

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