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Daily Prophetic Word January 1, 2018

The Father says, Be One with My Spirit. The Shifting, Shaking, and Surrender has befallen your enemy. Take up your rightful place by My Side. Do not let your footing be compromised through doubt or fear. Your Inheritance is Now! The Victory has already been granted. Release the double-mind that plagues you at times. You are Surely Walking as My Beloved.

Lions may roar, but By My Voice you will not be devoured. I protect who is Mine. Come lean on My Breastplate. I don’t expect perfection from you, but know that the sooner you come to My side, the sooner I will get involved in that matter. Learn and Grow, for in due season, you will be given a test that you already know how to overcome, if you pay attention to what is before you today.

The tide comes in and goes out. Seasons change. Your situation is coming into My Alignment and Timing. Trust the Process for there are aspects unbeknown to you. I have you in the palm of My Hand. I will not fail you for I cannot fail. You are going to walk in My Fields of Gold. My blessings will chase you down in this New Year.

Christ is in You and He is greater than what is in the world. Realize you are in a new place and dimension of My Glory. What happened yesterday does not have to define today, unless you let it consume you. I go before you to clear the path. Come to Me with your missteps. I will guide you through the maze of fiery darts. I am lifting you up this very day!

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