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Daily Prophetic Word December 19, 2017

The Father says, You are coming into your own within 2018. The time leading up to 2018 has made way for you to discover all of the beauty that I placed deep inside of you. You are taking on the mind of Christ and understanding you are My Royal Sons and Daughters. I am erasing years of pain and regrets. The Future is Bright so get ready for More of My Glory and Presence manifesting all around you.

Take on your armor and weapons for even these have been upgraded. Nothing is in lack within you. Know the confidence by which I will send you out into depths never known before. You are not a mere mortal creation. You are born of My Spirit and flourish in this form in every way. No container can encompass who you truly are.

What begins next has not been witnessed in your inner vessel before, but soon it will be very comfortable and familiar. Behold I am doing a new thing within you. The old is fading away and the new is becoming as your very own skin. Take notice as even your manner of speaking will be shifting. Let My Spirit flow out of your every dealings and you will come to see Me in all situations.

Those who thought less will take note to what is happening all around even when they fail to comprehend who is the Master of your life. Let your dealings draw people in, not out. Silence is not truly silence if I Am your Voice. Not everything must be spoken for I will reach the hearts and minds in ways beyond the scope of logic. You are rising up out of what kept you bound. The fast moving Train is approaching the station. It is time to leave behind what will not serve you in the Now of today.

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