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Daily Prophetic Word December 12, 2017

The Father says, Many are standing by the River Banks wondering if they should jump in or stay out. I say to you that your decisions will influence where you go in life. You are not a victim of circumstances nor coincidences. Change is in the Air. Embrace it! To grow, you must welcome the belief that all things can become New for those that Believe.

You are never without My Guidance but you must lay down desires to go about life on your own. You cannot be led when you refuse to go where I lead. I never promised you a mediocre life, so decide that I have better for your days. Forsake the notion of less. Take on the mindset of all that will come as blessings and favor. Look for My Goodness and you will uncover an endless display before you.

I am bringing wisdom and clarity into your situation. What would not move or bend by your voice will come into your authority. Be wise among your decisions and consider others while you make choices. Resolution and Reconciliation are wrapping up 2017. You will find that relationships shift and become uplifting again. Do not count out what I can do in these matters. I have the keys that I will hand to you. Do not waste these opportunities.

Increase is your portion in this hour. Be focused on what is Good and Honorable. I am filling up the void within your vessel. Move forward without hesitating under fear of what man can do to you. The path before you has been made ready and clear. You are not in lack for I hold it all. Ask Boldly and Believe. I will answer and I will do all that I have promised. You are never alone so be in peace!

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