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Daily Prophetic Word December 1, 2017

The Father says, Listen to My voice and pick up what I tell you to and place down what I tell you to. Not everyone can go where I will send you. Some people are only in your life for a season. I will place heavy discernment in your spirit about each circumstance. Seek Me in this area. I cannot steer you on the right path if you are looking at doors I have closed. Be open to My best and perfect will over your life.

Do not allow the process of Me shifting you, damage you through anger or bitterness. You will wonder why things have fallen apart. I Am with you. I will soothe your soul and mind. I have your needs on My heart. Release all that binds you up. I will remove all chains and bondage over your life. Choose not to walk back into the prison cell that I freed you from. You are a blessing, and I love you dearly!

Just as a prism reflects and refracts the Light, so too will I use you to shine My Light through. This process will not always look as you might expect, but it will be for My Glory and Honor. You are coming out! So let the Celebration begin. Do not hold back. You are going to hold what I have spoken over you. Release the mind of doubt and turn away from those that walk in unbelief in My Kingdom.

I am wrapping up the final pieces. Keep moving forward even when life appears upside and backwards. I know the way and you are on Target. What would not manifest will come suddenly. Cast your net wide and far. You are about to catch what has eluded you. You will draw closer to what would not come under your authority. The Tide has Turned.

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