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Daily Prophetic Word November 11, 2017

The Father says, There is Hope for every man. Do not say people cannot or will not change. I Am the God who brings change to all. No one is stuck in this moment of time. I will bring back order and correction to one’s heart and mind. The progress may be slow, but know that I Am Your Heavenly Father who hears your cries and pleas for those you care about.

I will make a way where there is no way. I can change everything around a situation to be to your benefit. Greater things are yet to come. Keep the faith and hope in My abilities and not your own. I can see the problem in ways that are not clear in the natural. Focus on your own path and destiny. Do what you can and leave the rest to Me. I know your heart for restoration.

I know how desperately you want and need this issue resolved. Come to Me with all that concerns you. I will not forget what you tell Me. I will address the matter perfectly and precisely. You do not need to let those issues consume your daily thoughts. Give it all to Me, and carry on with the assignments and call over your life. I will bring new people in your life to help with the quest you are called to.

Not everyone will come with you. Many I will remove because they will be a stumbling block to you. Not everyone will see My Hand over your life or respect the authority I have in your heart and mind. Do not let others shake you. The Truth is inside of you, and in time, others will see My Glory shine in and through you. Make no mistake. I will vindicate you from all that would mock you for heeding My Voice. My Favor rests upon you. Keep your eyes on Me and rest in knowing I have already drawn out the path that you must travel on.

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