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Daily Prophetic Word November 10, 2017

The Father says, Today I Am placing a new crown on your head. Many have come through a great season of tribulation. You have been shaken and bent but yet nothing could break you. You came to Me, and I heard your cries. I preserved and protected you through the strongest of storms.

The enemy had his moment over your life, BUT today, I tell you I have placed the Victor’s Crown upon your head. You have overcome because Christ overcame. I carried you in all things. You have reestablished Me as your Lord and Your King in all things. Today you will reap the rewards for all that you have endured. Come to My Table for I have prepared a great feast in your honor.

Shake off the remnants from where you had just traveled, and look to the horizon. Your future is bright, full of Unspeakable Joy. My angels have been dispatched to meet all of your needs this hour. They are quickly preparing you for your next assignment. You may feel like you are in a holding pattern, but know I will speak over your life soon to move forward into a new avenue and territory.

Nothing will be overlooked as you will need new tools and weapons to subdue this new area. I go before you and prepare the way. What you learned in this last season, will be relevant in this new realm I am propelling you into. You are fully ready to go!

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