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Daily Prophetic Word November 9, 2017

The Father says, “Have I not said that I will cast your sins as far as the East is from the West? Have I promised to remember your sins no more? Forgive yourself and forgive others. I have cast their sins as well. The enemy will indeed come back around to remind you again of what I have paid the price for and abolished from your life. Do not pick that dead thing back up in your heart and mind. It is a New Day.

Choose not to live in the yesterdays that were washed white as snow through the Cross. I have burned up those filthy rags. Do not take the ashes to spread them all over yourself and mourn yet again. Instead REJOICE! What was lost is now Found! What was bound is now Free! You were bought with a high price, and you are forever priceless to Me.

Cancel the debts of those you are still holding in the prison of your mind. I will right the wrongs done over your life. I will vindicate all that needs to be dealt with. Understand that My Favor cannot fully flow over your life when you have something against your brother or sister. Do not become your own stumbling block.

My Promises to you are a guarantee for I will not change My Mind. Only you can choose not to receive. Walk free into your future. Your latter days will far outweigh your former. I am pulling you out of the Tombs to breathe My Fresh Spirit over your life this hour. Do not miss your appointed time for freedom by looking behind you. What I have is straight in front of your path!

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