• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word November 7, 2017

The Father says, The Fire falls around you to burn up all that is not of Me. Open your eyes and ears to what I Am telling you must be broken off of you in order to go Higher in My Spirit. For many, this will be a painful and mournful time, as I cut off the dead things in your life. The dead things have been holding you back and keeping you partially dead in all of your efforts. You can stop striving to live up to some godly standard the super religious have put down in their rule book.

If you come to Me, I will remove all that does not bring Me Glory. I know what needs to stay and what needs to go. It doesn’t matter what someone else says about you. I Am in control over who you are being molded to be. Let your brother or sister worry about the log in their own eye. You just come sit with Me so I can have your full attention. Do not compare yourself to what I am doing in others. Pruning is pruning. What you need to have removed is just as deadly to you as what I Am cleansing them of.

Be kind and gracious to each other. I have redeemed and restored all that choose to be. Rejoice for those who are awake. Pray for those who are still asleep. You are all in the process of the Becoming. None have arrived at My full finished process yet. You will in time, but for now, Love each other for the Christ in them. Looking at filthy rags is a pointless endeavor. If you only see the worst about people, you will never rise in My Kingdom. I specialize in making broken vessels whole and complete.

I Am the Master of the Potter’s Wheel. You all have areas that you excel at and areas you have yet to overcome. Do not be a stumbling block to someone in their weak area. Support and encourage them to continue on. You never know what impact this will make in the lives of others. You can water the good seed in people or you can water the enemy’s seed planted in your own heart. Ask Me to come pull out that evil seed from your heart and mind, before it takes root any further.