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Daily Prophetic Word October 26, 2017

The Father says, For I will raise up those in My Kingdom at the will and do of My Good Pleasure. I will tell you what My desires are for you. Come and Ask Me. I will hide nothing from you. I have had a specific plan for your life since the foundations of creation.

You will be amazed at how detailed that plan really is. Come sit with Me by the Brook, so I may fill your heart and mind with My Heart and Mind. Give Me your undivided attention, and I will reveal mysteries to you this very day. Drink My waters of revelatory wisdom and insight over your life today.

Remain a flexible pawn piece in My Chess game. I will move you in directions that will make no logical sense to you. Know My Child, I already see the next move that will be played in this match, and I have indeed moved you to the correct location. Trust Me and Lean not on your own logic. I know what I Am doing. Just walk with Me, and you will see all that I desire to show you.

Ask Me for an upgrade and I will set you up for success even in places you could not imagine would become fruitful. I will move on your behalf for I Am for you and not against you. Choose to walk in My Goodness and not spend your days listening to the illegitimate voices. You are Chosen My Beloved!

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