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  • Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word October 20, 2017

The Father says, The River of Life is overflowing towards you today. Dive deep into the refreshing waters that quench your every need. I Am sending the ravens out this day. Do you know what the ravens do? They steal everything they have. I Am taking from those that have abused their stance and privilege in life and restoring order and balance.

I bring you to wells that you have not dug and harvests that you have not sown. The people who achieve success by stepping and taking advantage of others will meet My justice. I overlook nothing, and I address all things with the appropriate actions necessary. My Blessing and Favor falls on those that follow Me with pure motives.

Do not turn away to look back at the burning destruction in the lives of the unfaithful. Move forward and walk in My Light. I bring healing and wholeness into your situation. I will bring you clarity about which path to take. I will provide you with the weapons you will need. I will give you strength to endure all that comes your way.

Cast your cares upon the water. I am taking you to places never dreamed of. You are traveling above what used to make you waiver. Walk with confidence that you are prepared and ready to go. All that you need will be provided as you step forward. Don’t wait when I tell you to go. Until the need arises, the resource will not appear!

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