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Daily Prophetic Word October 6, 2017

The Father says, Today know My Power over the Earth and your life. You are not helpless nor without recourse. You have My Power and Will flowing inside of you and through you. You are not victims of circumstance. You are Victorious in every area where My Voice and Hand lead you.

Do not put down your Rod and Staff for they bring comfort through every bend in the road. Everything you need, you already have. I placed inside of you the instructions and directions of where you will go, and how you will handle each and every situation that comes your way. Your road map is filled with great and wonderful surprises.

Shift your mind to see that. I speak My Best Blessings over your life each day. Enjoy your Now moments. Even in the storm, the flower still holds onto its colors with honor and glory. I have given you the ability to Fly above the Storm like Eagles. See the problem in the spirit realm, and you will be better able to overcome all that is against you.

I will not give you the keys to figure out everything in the moment. Your Trust in Me must be strengthened and shifted. With each challenge, you will have the opportunity to press in to the Victory or quit. Even when you have quitted in the Past, My Grace and Mercy will give you another chance. Your future is Bright for I Am the Light in your days of Past, Present, and Future. I will not fail so keep moving on!

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