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Daily Prophetic Word September 27, 2017

The Father says, “Many look at the smoke signals screaming everything is on fire. Yes, everything is on Fire because I Am the Fire. What was risen up against My Kingdom is falling to ash. Celebrate, for this is the moment My People have been waiting for.

What choked your voices is being eliminated, so Stand and use Your Full Voice NOW. My people must come out of their complacent slumber and thinking there is nothing they can do to bring about Righteous Change. How will you bring Righteousness when you live like a Goat? Many have forsaken the My Word to live with swine.

You cannot receive what you are not willing to fight or stand for. The enemy looks to confuse you with smokescreen's of what is right and what is wrong. Have you lost the truth along the way, that you may be subject to deceptions in this hour? If you spend your time in worldly mindsets then how will you spot My Light and Truth among what is false?

Salt without taste is worthless. If your enemy has no fear of you then you are walking in common steps with him. I have not called you to be of this world. Rise up and forsake what does not yield My Best and Brightest. When your hands are full of garbage, I cannot Place My Will and Intentions in them. I gave you beautiful garments to wear. Forsake the less than mindsets!”

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