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Daily Prophetic Word September 21, 2017

The Father says, “The Earth is pregnant and birthing out what is for this moment in time. The Sons of Issachar knew the times and seasons. So be wise among your days. Do not misunderstand these seasons. I Am not finished with My plans. I have said your best days are ahead and not behind.

Listen again! Your best days on Earth are ahead of you! Am I a man that I would lie? You have a choice as to which voices you will pay attention to. Many say you are in the Last Days, and what if those days were still a thousand more? What would you have to show for your time on Earth? Be attentive to My Voice.

I have you in the Earth Realm for this generation and what I will send you to accomplish. Do not leave your post at such an important time. Let the Bride Arise to her Place and Authority right where she is NOW! She is not ready for the Marriage Supper but she is ready for where I have called her to be today. Did you catch that?

Enjoy your life and do not let another’s fears rob you of Kingdom Purpose yet to be fulfilled. I have your days and steps ordered. I will not fail My People. I will answer your cries, and I will deal with your adversary. Be busy for My Namesake and soon you will understand what the fog has concealed. I Am excited for what you will find just around the bend!”

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