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Daily Prophetic Word September 15, 2017

The Father says, “Sometimes you must fight against the current and other times, just go with the flow. There are times that others are telling you to go along into wrong directions, so see through this. When I tell you to go along with what I Am up to, then you are surely being carried by My Love and Grace.

Many have followed bad religious teachings since their youth. I Am removing the blindfold and raising up a New Breed of Leaders who carry My Truth from the Throne Room. The Pharisees did not want to believe they had anything wrong. It spoke to their pride and reputation. Do not allow foolishness to block your advancement. I will ask you to discard some beliefs.

Most did not intend to lead you astray. They just simply had it wrong. Move in Love and Grace. I Am reestablishing Order and Authority under My Son, in those places that have been lost. Reevaluate what you know because I Am revealing the deeper meanings that have long been overlooked in My Word.

I will contradict your understanding of My Voice and Word when you are off. If you are open, I will end the confusion that has overtaken My Bride. Many will miss out, and stay on the outside of what I Am doing, by choice. Be willing and yielded. I Am setting you free of what has kept you bound. Choose to walk in My Knowledge, Wisdom, and Revelation. It is time for a shift and change.”


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