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Daily Prophetic Word September 14, 2017

The Father says, “Many are afraid to stir the pot in modern culture. They are not sure the extent of their actions will turn into. If I have put that flame deep inside the Earthen Vessel, then step out. I Am your Rearguard. If I send you to it, I will protect you.

What can man do if I Am behind you? Will you stand or be counted out? Only you can decide how you want life to stand for or against. Some crave unending excitement and others desire a simpler life. I will use both for My purposes. I created you unique knowing what you would desire day by day.

I will stretch you out of the days of comfort. When you agree with this, you will find many beautiful stories carved into the journey. I waste nothing in your life. You are a wonderful fragrance before Me. When the world comes against you, I will hold you safely out of reach. You are on the Winning Side.

Many are paddling their canoe all by themselves. I have a better way My Beloved. Let My Winds move upon the waters and push you along to the next destination. Rest in the boat for now while I finish up the last few details before you meet the shore. Soon the scenery will change and the past will fade away. I Am for you!”

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