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To the Nation of Cuba

To the Nation of Cuba

The Lord says, I Am Changing your regime. You have been a country locked and sealed up in ways you have not even known. As the eyes of the world have watched you, you were a sleeping giant for many decades. But I'm going to wake you up but not in the way people have thought. I'm going to wake you up for My Namesake. It is time for you to come out of the Shadows. It is time for you to rise up Mighty Warriors in My Kingdom. It's time for you to stand next to other nations that once shunned you but now will embrace you. Things are shifting even in this hour, just as the winds have blown by you, things are shifting for My Glory and Honor. The enemy tried to silence you over and over again, but I Am rising up a new breed of Warriors. A new people coming from the core of your essence, will be like nothing the world has seen. This will be by My Hand in My doing. Many will think that this should not be. But it will be, for I Am removing the top layer, and I Am bringing in New Fresh Soil for you to grow from. You will be a New Beacon of Light in the region. A new Beacon of Light in the water that people can say my God surely is moving in this country. You will come up with divine ideas that no one else has, and Revelation from the Throne alone. The world will see that My Hand is upon you Greatly in this hour. I will bless your people, I will bless your nation!

~Many Blessings, MaryEllen Martyn

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