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Daily Prophetic Word September 9, 2017

The Father says, “Let the Records show you are Exonerated. You say, Lord from what? Ask yourself what you are struggling to get free from this very day? I Am coming down to untie the bondage, not only with yourself but in your family line. They say the apple does not fall far from the tree as a negative. Guess what?

I Am changing the very Tree that you fell from. You are before My Tree of Life. I Am sending a new download to answer to your weariness. I Am changing your identity to not resemble your family line, but My Family Line and DNA. People, who have known you all of your life, will suddenly say, I feel I don’t know you anymore.

Embrace the shift and welcome the new. Not everyone will continue on with your journey. Let your eyes look to the future and not what is behind. This is a major launching point. What was, is done with. What is to the future, will take your breath away! I will always take you to the better Glory than what was in prior seasons.

You are My Golden Sword. I will be speaking to you more in the coming months about what this means for your destiny. You are here for a purpose and I have drawn up the plans. Shake off the disappointments and regrets. I Am not counting any of those moments. You are My Joy and I so Love You! If any thought comes in to contradict this, rebuke it until it leaves! “


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