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Daily Prophetic Word August 28, 2017

The Father says, “Let the Unrest, rest! When you get stirred up over temporary issues, distraction will keep you from where you can be most useful. Storms do not churn without more energy being added. Place your time into what I am showing you right now. I will settle the score on what is rising up against you.

I Am taking your hands in this hour. They will feel empty, but this is on purpose. My finest is being placed within your earthen vessel. What you could not see will become crystal clear. This new season is full of amazing surprises. Forsake what failed to materialize before today. You will not receive a lesser plan if I Am your Heavenly Father.

Let the day begin anew. The past is unchangeable, but I will rewrite the journey when you hand over control of the reins. Consider that the mere time you have been on Earth is nothing to the time that you were with Me at the Foundations. I have taken care of every detail before then, so surely I will not abandon you now! Look up, for Now is your moment.

A delay was not a denial, just a delay. Many throw up their hands and walk away. Your faith is much stronger than you give it credit for. I Am the Author and Finisher of your faith, so I should know what is within your ability. See yourself through My eyes, My Beloved and Precious Child. I died to give you everything, so rejoice for you will receive in due season!”

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