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Daily Prophetic Word August 24, 2017

The Father says, “Rest assured that I have heard you! What have you asked Me for lately? Come before Me this day, and ask for the impossible! Do you think that I cannot answer with Yes and Amen? I know what you will say, so walk this way, into what will take your breath away. You have accepted a ‘no’ out of feeling that you should, but I Am reversing what led to that decision and removing the obstacles in the way.

I am interested in what captivates your heart and mind. I am not a God looking to punish or take away what would be considered a blessing or favor. It gives Me no pleasure to watch you in lack or in suffering. If that was My desire, Eden would have been in lack and barren too. Stop and listen to the automatic thoughts you create throughout the day. Throw out what is less than My Beauty just ready to manifest before you.

You won’t receive what you will not believe for. Have you counted yourself out after I said, I will do that for you? Hear Me, I want to Bless you and as you walk in My ways, the heavens will release what I have spoken upon you. Don’t overlook what I Am doing today because you are too focused on tomorrow’s favor.

Your carriage awaits! It is time to put an end to destructive patterns that have lingered for far too long. My Kingdom is here on Earth. Did you forget? Why wait for Heaven to receive when I Am working out all things right now for your Good! I know what has come against you, and I have promised you will Rise Up with Vindication in your hand. I have not forgotten you, today nor tomorrow!”


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