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Daily Prophetic Word August 16, 2017

The Father says, “Feeling a bit stretched out right now? Just as I have moved your tent pegs in the natural, I have moved them within your spirit. What you could not contain or hold onto has changed. You have more capacity for My Overflow to increase to reach those that have yet to see My Presence as you have.

This is a time in your life that I have longed for you to reach. Yes there will be shifting and pulling and new adventures that are foreign in your future. Enjoy the ride because these moments do not come around as often as the predictable. As you stretch out your hand, what is needed in the moment will materialize from your anointing. Trust that I have you.

Faith is the most vital ingredient. Without that, your road will become marred with battles calling you to give up. I will not send you where you cannot conqueror for My Glory and Honor. Even today, you are being equipped with gifts that were just lying dormant below the surface. Aspects that you didn’t even know you could do, will rise in this hour.

You do not need anything more than My Hand to guide you. I Am confident in you, so you should have no valid reason to fear what is to come. I know the way and everything is going to be okay. You will arrive as I have written in your song books. You are going to so love all that I do in and through you. Forever will you be changed and those you encounter as well.”

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