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Daily Prophetic Word August 8, 2017

The Father says, “The Armory is Ready! It is time to trade in and trade up. It is time to practice, and in this training, you will become most proficient in what I have placed in your hands. What was used in the past will no longer be effective from this day forward. Allow the growth to launch you into roles of authority that you previously shied away from. You are Ready!

The Changing of the Guard is a time of Celebration. Assignments completed faithfully and passed onto those refreshed to continue on faithfully. You are found worthy. My Trust is fully placed upon your shoulders. Do not allow the mind to doubt that I have Confidence and Power behind each one of your steps. If it were not so, I would not give this for you to run with.

You are not starting from scratch. In fact, what has compounded from generation to generation moves with you. Feel the Fire that burns unable to be quenched. You are part of something much larger than what can be seen from horizon to horizon. You are stepping up into shoes that were too big but now will fit you perfectly. All of your resources have been made at your disposal.

The ground is moving on its own in this hour. What used to take you weeks and months to cover will be done in a mere minutes or hours. You will need little effort to accomplish great feats. My Ruach Winds blow upon you like no other time before. You will be carried from mountain top to mountain top, skipping unnecessary terrain. Rejoice for what you have longed to see, is surely and indeed here!”

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