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Daily Prophetic Word August 4, 2017

The Father says, “Many expect the Loud Thunder of My voice during times of challenge, but what is coming from My Lips is a gentle breeze with the Whispers of how much I love them. It does not matter how bad the day has gone, nothing changes how I feel or think about you. I am not shocked by the day’s events, and I desire to pick you up into My Arms.

The Fire will not burn you up. Yes, it can get hot at times, but you are being refined in My Refiner’s Fire. This is a good thing, so look up for My Angels are assisting you this very day. My winds are blowing mightily over you and giving you the momentum to pass through onto the other side in My Glory. You have done nothing wrong, but everything right! Not everything that comes is due to wrong choices, but right choices.

You are shown proven, and your hands are filling into the overflow of My increase for this season. Shake off the disappointments and what fell apart. I Am Making All Things New For You! In My Hands is the molding of what is to be going forward. I will weave into this many ashes and tears from past moments. I will give you an upgrade that the natural world could have never provided you.

You are Royalty and Covered in Full. No more walking around in sackcloth. You are Redeemed and Restored to your rightful place before Me. The Future is as Bright as you will allow, meaning your attitude does indeed impact what finds you in Life. The lens that you use will block out the good or the bad depending on your choice in usage. What you focus on becomes the largest aspect in your heart and mind. What you seek, you will find!”

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