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Daily Prophetic Word July 30, 2017

The Father says, “There is no truth in being cut off or disconnected if I Am your Lord. What you feel does not indicate truth. Unrepentant sin causes a block in your mind where you start to hear the enemy’s voice over Mine. So choose to turn away from what is causing your angst. Is that not what repenting is at the core; changing of the heart and mind?

I Am where I have remained since the day you came to this Earth. I AM Omnipresent, which means that I have no reason or need to leave your presence. Allow your spirit to become sensitive to the unseen and you will find Me right here. If you believe you are more spirit than flesh, will that not rise up inside of you? Why fear what you are designed to be?

When the sin of the world was wiped clean on the Cross, it was a finished act. I have not gone back to reexamine the deed that Christ paid in full. I see you through the Christ in you. Live life with who you are to Me, not what the flesh states, as it is condemned to death. It has no say about the ‘you’ that I Am raising up in this hour. Look instead at how far you have come and just imagine where I will take you now.

Believe, really believe, that your latter days will be glorious. Forsake the naysayers who are always looking to jump in the garbage can of life. You were made for more than the wreckage others make in their wake. Get excited and hold out your hands in anticipation. What you have faith that I will do, My Answer will remain, Yes and Amen!”

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