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Daily Prophetic Word July 25, 2017

The Father says, “Consider the Water. The water, at times, is too murky to see the bottom or the depth is just too great. Will I ask you to trust Me? At other times, the water is crystal clear for miles, but it may lack depth. Will I ask you to trust Me just the same? My Beloved, the circumstances do not change the truth. I Am with you, and I will take you from Glory to Glory regardless of the conditions.

Recognize the purpose in both situations, and you will forsake what the natural tells you. Your portion is to walk in the Spirit in every year, season, and hour just the same. What comes to rattle you will cause the enemy to shake and run by My Voice. I Am your Rear Guard. It does not matter what has caused your back against the wall. I will come through for you.

When new seasons begin, many stay in old mindsets believing that what was will continue on and on. Take a look again. Even in this hour, I am shifting and turning the compass dial to your new heading. Be listening for new instructions and not assume that all of the plans are still the same. I may have prepared you for one path, but now we are moving to an unexpected detour. Do not be alarmed. What you consider a delay from the original path, I do not.

This detour is filled with great Joy and Favor. You will walk in no lack or dry land. Push any disappointments to the ground because you are going to love your time in this direction. I will make up for anything you feel was lost in this shift. I will cause your heart to skip a beat in supernatural exploits that I will do in and through you. What you have longed for and petitioned Me for, is here.”


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