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Daily Prophetic Word July 20, 2017

The Father says, “I will do it AGAIN! I Am not a one hit wonder. My Glory will meet you each and every time. So stand on the Promises and refuse to let the enemy Rob, Steal, or Destroy. Even when you think that he has, look again for I will bring a sweet sweet Beauty from those ashes that you will Rejoice Higher than what the original story gave you.

What failed through Adam, I made a way for INCREASE and the MIRACULOUS Turnaround through Christ. Before Christ, My Spirit could not dwell forevermore inside of mankind. You have more today than Adam could have dreamed or imagined. You have the ability to become like Christ. The Christ in you IS the Hope of Glory. You will reach realms never before available, so Stand Once More for I Am in your Midst.

Many strive to be seen as important. Decide this day to See yourself through My Eyes. I will make you into My Vessel who is Important for My Kingdom. You will not have to try to be noticed. People will take full recognition of My Spirit working in and through you. Be one with My Spirit and Movements, forsaking the desires of the flesh. The two cannot coexist and flow in My Perfection.

See yourself as the Finished Work in My Hands, and you will Push through until you reach the manifestation. If this was impossible, then I would not tell you that it was obtainable. You will become what you have set your eyes upon. Let your Gaze be on the Prize and Finish Line. With each step do you come closer. I will cause you to run with superhuman supernatural power. Just call upon Me and I will answer!”

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