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Daily Prophetic Word July 16, 2017

The Father says, “Though the chariots may chase you, they shall not catch up to you. Just as with Moses, sometimes I will cause your enemy to come after you just so that I can manifest My Glory before all. Do not walk in fear. I know what is down the road, and I am there as well. You are never alone!

As you get ready in the morning, expect Me there. When the world appears to be crashing all around, expect Me there. When you stand on My Promises, your faith will bring it forward to you. When you drop it to the floor, you are speaking against My Promises. What can reach your hands when they are closed?

Many are spinning around thinking the worst is happening, but instead I am dancing with you. Celebrate with Me! You are Crossing Over. It does not matter what lunges at you, nothing will take you out of My Safe Keeping. Rainbows may fade, but My Word will not. What is for today, sets you up for your tomorrow’s of Glory.

My Hand rests Mightily upon you this day. Scenery changes and the way of life moves on as well. You are in the Becoming of who you are meant to be. Moment by Moment do you come ever closer. Take time to notice just how far you have come. You are stronger and wiser. See today that your anointing has increased, and your inner man has made way for the flowing faucet of the Holy Spirit in and through you. Keep walking on, My Beloved, more is yet to come!”

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