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Daily Prophetic Word July 13, 2017

The Father says, “You are My Turnkey. You have the power to unlock those who are captive from the works of the enemy. Be wise among your days. I will use the mistakes of your youth and increase your tools and weapons to be an even greater impact on those around who are caught up in their snares. Release the tendency to judge through the flesh, but rather look as this to be your assignment of My Love and desire to Bring Freedom to those who are to be set free.

What you have learned in your own missteps will be a blessing 1000x over. I will multiply through you and reach people you do not even know. Think Bigger; Think Wider. Be the Lighthouse and Beacon I have molded you into. For the City on the Hill is dark, but I came to set the Foundation of Light, and through you will I do this.

Fear is just an attempt to stop you from taking up your Mantle. If I Am for you, then nothing will stop what I have ordained. You are a vital piece. Did someone tell you otherwise? Forsake the lies, for I crafted every part of your being to be what is necessary for this part of time. You are no accident, and together will you soar majestically for My Namesake.

Do not think you lack what will serve for this just simply is not true. If I have called You, then you surely possess the ability to carry out with success. Let your Faith Increase in this Hour. I put My trust in you for I already know what you will do. Testing in life is merely to show you what you are capable of doing when stretched, but you are not following My call through the flesh. You are Limitless so walk confident that you will finish the job well done, My Good and Faithful Servant!”


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