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Daily Prophetic Word July 9, 2017

The Father says, “Instead of wishing something would come into being, Declare that very thing into manifestation! If I am behind you, then in due season you shall indeed receive. I promised not to withhold no good thing from those that walk uprightly. Let your heart flow freely and just watch and see what I do with your faith in Me.

It is your faith that will move the mountains. Look inside past the doubt to the truth. If I took you this far, is it likely that I would leave you by the side of the road now? I brought you forth into existence at the foundations. Do not consider your life merely by the calendar years on Earth. You are far much more than this! Embrace what your full identity is, for you are in Me and I Am in you!

Consider that there is no end to your existence. What you face today will pass away one day. Challenges are used to make you and take you into realms that were not available to travel in beforehand. What you have learned today will cause a release into what is coming in the future. I will take the worst to send you into the best. For a butterfly cannot gain the ability to fly unless there is struggle and stretching out of the cocoon.

Realize that speaking against the very means that I take you from Glory to Glory will ultimately keep you where you are. My intention is not to leave you in stagnate and infertile lands. Allow Me to have My way, and you will find peace enter your soul and spirit. Let your heart sing for All Things really will work out for Your Good if I Am your Lord. Trust the process even when the map makes no sense. I know the way!”

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