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Daily Prophetic Word July 7, 2017

The Father says, “No one forgets the Icing on the Cake. Find this day that you are receiving the Icing on what I have already given to you. Many have not even realized that they were given a precious gift because it came as a babe in a manager, but now that gift has grown and is bringing forth what it was created and designed to carry into the Earth Realm.

Like several Earthquakes in rapid succession will there be a shaking as this manifests with Great Thunder and Lightening. What I set into motion will not be undone. What I place upon My People will be until the end of the age. Movements of My Spirit begin and end but this will remain. My Chosen Vessels are ready to run with what I have instructed to completion.

I will pour My Glory in and through them in unprecedented ways. Be on the lookout for the unexpected, as the business as usual is about to be unseated. Too many are walking life on autopilot doing what others have done for decades thinking this is the answer in My Kingdom. ENOUGH! Do not be as the Israelites who died long before they reached the Promises. If I said it, I WILL DO IT!

What you believe in is what will make room in your life. My Power and Authority comes as Signs, Wonders, and Miracles. Believe and you will Receive. Ignore the naysayers for their hands will always be empty. Will you plow your own path or will you follow My Lead? I am not finished with you so with your next breath declare whom you shall serve. The Earth is being invaded in this hour. Step up and be counted! The Unimaginable is going to be common place for My Glory and Honor.”

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