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Daily Prophetic Word June 29, 2017

The Father says, “Many see the Shaking going on in the World and believe this is out of My Anger. They take up their gloom and doom signs and walk with hopelessness leading their lives. Wake up oh My People. My wrath was satisfied against all of humanity on the Cross. The Shaking is pushing back the kingdom of darkness and making a way for My people to advance.

Instead of folding up shop, take up your sword and armor and get ready to be used. You are on the Earth for Such a Time as This because you possess inside of your earthen vessel what is necessary for right now. There are no cosmic accidents. You have a divine purpose in My divine plans. You are far from ordinary. I made you Extraordinary!

Since the fall, mankind has looked for the end. You had a beginning at the foundations, but I have no end in mind for you. Yes, you will be transformed from Glory to Glory, but this life is not all about your Earth years only. See the wholeness of your existence. Are any of these problems truly insurmountable? I have always kept you and never will I let you go.

You stand on top of the mountain with My angels on either side of you at the ready. All of My resources are at your disposal. Speak and will the Rock not give you water? You lack the power and authority when you walk in unbelief. Change and Shift into My Alignment and nothing will be impossible for you. Decide that even a lion will not devour you, and so you shall live walking out of any weapon formed against you. You are under My Protection! Trust and Believe!”

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