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Daily Prophetic Word June 27, 2017

The Father says, “Waterfalls come Rushing. Will anything stop what I have ordained over your life? You are faithful and true. All will be in front of you just as I spoke. Do not look at the years but the reward. Let all else fade into the background for it is just noise trying to steal your focus. I will redeem even what you felt too hopeless to revive.

You have felt some true friends have betrayed and abandoned you, but I am giving you new people who will show you those of the past were not truly in your corner. I will heal your wounds and give you a people who will see you grow and climb the heights of what I have for you. A people who will cheer you on without looking to trip you along the way. I know what has happened, and I will establish days of joy in these new interactions that will fill your heart once more.

What was fractured is being made whole once more. What I did not speak into your life will be washed away through My Mercy and Love. Your vision will become sharper, and you will see the schemes of the enemy long before it hits your shores. I will give the strategy to undo what has bound you. You are indeed crossing over and moving through this temporary time.

Upon your life’s book, I have torn out pages that are no longer relevant. And instead I have written UPGRADE and FAVOR. The enemy overplayed his hand and for this, you will be compensated beyond the normal expectation. You are in a season of abundance in Miracles and you will walk out this in ways yet to be imagined. Be in full anticipation for I am in your Midst. The Impossible is surely Possible!”

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