• Replenished Hope Ministries

Daily Prophetic Word June 23, 2017

The Father says, “Stop speaking curses over yourself and over others! You are doing the work of the enemy. Even when you believe you are speaking the truth out of love, you are under the wrong assumption. The truth coming from love is to Speak the Kingdom into their lives. You are a New Creation. Forsake what was and choose to only Be what You are in My Sight. Speak Love into those around you. Negative will not bring forth positive in the manner you have thought.

Never have I demanded perfection so why believe that you or another can suddenly be perfect. All fall short of My Glory. BUT I love all of My Creation completely. There is no lack in My Love and No preference for one over another. I will do amazing exploits in anyone who Follows Me. Be the Salt. Be the Light. Decide not to be a stumbling block to someone reaching for My Throne.

What you focus on about yourself is not what I am finding as a deficit. Moses felt his lack of speaking abilities was a hindrance. Did I agree? I find no barriers to your gender, race, age, socioeconomic status, or location either. I will transplant you to where the highest benefit will come forth. I will use your greatest weakness for the Most Extraordinary Victories. I have only begun to do all that I desire to do in and through you!

Catch the Wave in this hour. I am taking you deeper and further. What would have taken decades will be accomplished over mere months. What you believed would never manifest in your life will break through this year. You are in a time where each year will grow and gain upon itself. As smaller waves join other waves to grow in momentum. What has been started will multiply in My Kingdom. Your days are filling with Joy even in this month. I Am in your Midst!”