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Daily Prophetic Word June 21, 2017

The Father says, “It is just a smokescreen hoping you will quit or get disoriented. The winds are raging with whispers causing despair. You are My Beloved. Never do I have a negative thought about you. I am in your life daily cheering and supporting you in all matters. Feel My Winds come and clear out the schemes moving against you in this hour. You are still right on track. Do not be concerned or worried.

Doors that have not opened are still opening. You have not missed out or missed My timing. I have you on a platform where you are turning slowly while My angels prepare you. New garments and new weapons are placed upon you. In the waiting, you will find the rest. Rest! I have everything under control. Just Be! In moments of stillness will I speak to your spirit what is to come. Be at peace.

The enemy hopes that you will react out of this chaos and make a fatal mistake. I will not allow you to be so foolish so again be at peace. Receive the infilling of new ideas coming forth to you. I will download ways to advance in several key areas of your life. I will even bring financial abundance through the ideas that I will speak into your mind. This is a season to be active in learning for in this, new doors of opportunities will come.

Do not be fooled by the world picture being presented to you right now. I have declared ENOUGH! I will even reverse the clock on what the enemy has planned. You have time to reach your destiny for I am the one who invented time. You will be a witness to great and mighty exploits in and through the Kingdom. You are My Royal Member and you shall receive the victory!”


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